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Rings of the Sisterhood
What are the Rings of Sisterhood?

More than 2,000 years ago Princess Ellisa, disgusted with the rampant corruption in her beloved city of Tyre, fled it's borders to establish her own sovereignty. Along with Ellisa traveled her trusted court maidens, which numbered fifty. She asked them to take an oath; she called,

The Oath Of Sisterhood”.
One by one the fifty maidens took this oath:
"I will trust my well being with my sister, Faith for all my sisters’ deeds of good.

I will heed the words of the elder sister, words of wisdom and of life.

I shall stand by my sister in good times as well as bad times.

I shall let no man or woman turn me against my sister, not for gold or any riches.

For all-as-one will be our richness to work, read and understand our history, to not be led as sheep."

With the oath taken, Princess Ellisa gave each maiden a ring with her likeness upon its face. This ring became the seal oath of the Sisterhood.

The “Rings of Sisterhood” displays the likeness of Princess Ellisa carved within an oval setting. Engraved images of desert palm trees grace each side of the ring band. The rings is produced in Bronze in five sizes. Each ring will include a card telling the story of Princess Ellisa and the Sisterhood.

Copyright By Buckles & Things & The African American Chronicle.

The Oath of Sisterhood Ring
$299.95 S&H $4.95

Soon available is SILVER.

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